Covid 19  Update

These workshops are planned to go ahead

so please do book or drop a line if you have any questions or concerns.

Wildways provides a safe space in these strange pandemic times. All parties involved have undertaken a risk assessment and put provisions in place to be Covid safe - details here


5Rhythms summer camp @Wildways

7th – 9th  August 2020

Join us for a weekend of space and community on the land.

This will be a small camping and dance event, fully catered with vegan / vegeterian food by Aimee's Table, yoga with Miranda White and 5Rhythms with Neil Pinnock.

Friday afternoon till Sunday. We will offer you 6 meals, 5 workshops and space to explore on the land @Wildways Retreat center. With woodlands, fields, stone circle and brook the land welcomes you to have space to relax. With 5Rhythms dance in an outdoor yurt, yoga in the mornings and great food to eat, you will be nurtured and nourished, even with social distancing, you will receive a warm welcome around the fireside and be Together in good company.

This event will have limited numbers around a max of 20 people, therefore early booking is advised.

Prices - £235 before July 31st, £250 after.

Summer Waves

Earth, Sea & Sky

5Rhythms Waves immersive in Greece

22nd – 29th  August 2020

Full details here

Join us on this workshop in the Greek sunshine. We will celebrate life and the body through the 5Rhythms dance & community living and make a few friends and memories along the way.From just €525 (approx £450).

Neil will be joined  this year by

5R's Spaceholder Miranda White

This workshop counts as a 5day waves workshop for 5RG Teacher Training


Prices; £395 adv before July 31st

£425 till August 21st and £450 after.
There may be some bursary assistance - Prices include booking fees, all workshops, facilities and shared dormitory accommodation or camping. Food will be bring and share.

Re-Wilding the Heart

A 5Day 5Rhythms Heartbeat immersive.

@Wildways Retreat Centre, Shropshire

September 16th - 20th 2020

The heart is designed to feel, to love, to express, yet so often we have held back our hearts, built up protective armour, abandoned them or simply forgotten to listen and include them. Without a clear heart connection we can feel lost to ourselves, distant from loved ones & closed down to the world of nature, magic and wonder around us. Our task is to re-connect to our feelings, build a healthy functioning relationship to our emotions so that we can truly appreciate and engage with the world in which we live. It is time for us to step in and empower our hearts, connect with love and claim our place in the natural order of things. It is time to Re-wild the Heart.

This workshop will be held at Wildways, a natural retreat centre in Shropshire with direct connection to the elements. Here we will dance in a yurt and out on the land, honouring the wild nature that runs through all things as we commune with

earth, wind, water and fire.

Neil Pinnock will be your guide, he is passionate and tender, humorous and wise. He has a Druids heart, a deep connection to this land and he skillfully weaves ancient and contemporary wisdom with equal regard. He offers this work to guide you into a direct relationship with your Embodied Heart, supporting you to open and feel, acknowledge and be real. In the disorderly realm of the emotions it is of great benefit to have maps, tools and guides as support, helping to uncover and create new pathways through the wilderness back to your heartfelt, loving self.

As a member of 5RTA, work with Neil counts towards the

5Rhythms teacher training and this workshop counts as a 5day Heartbeat.

Embodied Heart / Creative Power

@DMAC Bristol
Saturday 10th October 2020
A 5Rhythms Heartbeat* Workshop with Neil Pinnock

Advanced booking £45, £50 after, £55 on the door

“You just have to determine to settle for nothing less than being FULLY ALIVE,

to show up, be who you are, and share your gifts.”  Gabrielle Roth



Our creativity is an innate gift, as is our passion for justice and our sense of right and wrong. Yet many of us are out of tune with our essential power and aren’t expressive of the feelings of our embodied hearts. Often sitting on a well of anger, suppressing or avoiding our passions for life, we humans can be smouldering below the surface, longing to tap into the fire of our bellies and express the truth of what really matters. If we can learn to engage clearly and channel our passions and impulses through the heart, then the anger and fire we feel can be put to a greater service as a creative gift.

This heartbeat level 5Rhythms workshop will explore anger, forgiveness, and connection and willassist you in finding and channeling your creative fire through dance, movement and expression of your hearts. I hope you can join us.

"Movement practice gets all your creative juices flowing. It doesn't just release your body, but it opens up your heart and empties out your mind." Gabrielle Roth

Embodied Heart

Dates to be confirmed

A whole day to take the dance deeper, to give mindful practice to the body and open the pathways to the heart. With guidance from Neil and both the Waves and Heartbeat* maps of the 5Rhythms, we will explore the territory of the embodied heart and begin to awaken a deeper and more loving conscious relating through the dance.

This workshop is a great way to experience Neil’s teaching and is open to anybody. It will also be a good foundation for future Heartbeat work.
*Heartbeat™ is the 2nd map of the 5Rhythms work and focuses on the emotional responses and pathways of the body.


Date and Venue to be arranged


An Expansive day of 5Rhythms dance exploring the limitations and possibilities within the dark and light of the 5Rhythms.
With teacher Neil Pinnock - All Welcome.

'We are not in our bodies, our bodies are inside of us.’ Gabrielle Roth

Following the flow of our own energy and engaging in the staccato dance we energize and then abandon ourselves through the gateway of chaos. If we are total in our task we may well be delivered into the lyrical realms of the ecstatic, find ourselves expanded and liberated in the joyous release of pure lyrical.

Tarrington hall is a light and spacious place to dance with beautiful views and a warm welcome. Bring a shared lunch


Prices from £40

Other Workshop dates for 2020/21

October 23rd - 25th                         Samhain weekend                               @Wildways

December 29th - January 2nd       New Year workshop                  @Wildways




Terms and conditions

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Payment in advance for a class or day workshop is non-refundable.

Longer workshops require filling out a booking form where terms and agreements are posted.

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop at any time.

Under these circumstances a full refund of any fees paid will be reimbursed.

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