Heart Warmer
A 5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop
December 3rd - 5th 2021 @Wildways 

An invitation to discover the gifts of acceptance, gratitude and compassion. Through movement and inquiry we will gently open the heart of the body, allowing us to offer space, warmth and awareness around old patterns and bring compassion to our hearts wounding and appreciation of our gifts.
Some grounding in 5Rhythms is needed for this more advanced workshop. Neil will lead this workshop and be assisted by 5Rhythms Space Holder Nina Stubbs.
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New Year retreat @Wildways
December 30th 2021 - January 2nd 2022

Come take Refuge at the Turning of the year.
New Year invites us to listen, to watch and receive, dreaming a path and embodying a new beginning for the year to come. Designed to give space and time for you to slow down, reflect and renew, we will welcome the stillness and darkness of winter for dreaming and regeneration. With quiet time out on the land, creativity in workshops and warmth in community, we will use the dynamic processes of dance, ritual and art to honour, celebrate and re-create.

Wildways is a special place offering a variety of natural woodlands, fields and a babbling brook. It also has a stone circle, celtic round house, sauna, large dancing yurt and a magical feel.

Shared communal accommodation and all workshops, fires, saunas and events are included in the price. Food will be bring and share by the community.

£350 in November, £375 till December 15th,

£395 last chance after 15th December

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Earth Dance

A Deep Connection Cycle

@Wildways, Starts spring 2022

February 4th - 6th

1.Roots - Earth

March 25th - 27th

2.Shoots - Fire

May 13 - 15th

3.Flowers - Water

July 1st - 3rd

4.Fruits - Air


prices  £850 before 10th Dec - deposit £250

These workshops are waiting for dates and locations to be confirmed

Embodied Heart

A whole day to take the dance deeper, to give mindful practice to the body and open the pathways to the heart. With guidance from Neil and both the Waves and Heartbeat* maps of the 5Rhythms, we will explore the territory of the embodied heart and begin to awaken a deeper and more loving conscious relating through the dance.
This workshop is a great way to experience Neil’s teaching and is open to anybody. It will also be a good foundation for future Heartbeat work.
*Heartbeat™ is the 2nd map of the 5Rhythms work and focuses on the emotional responses and pathways of the body.



An Expansive day of 5Rhythms dance exploring the limitations and possibilities within the dark and light of the 5Rhythms.
Following the flow of our own energy and engaging in the staccato dance we energize and then abandon ourselves through the gateway of chaos. If we are total in our task we may well be delivered into the lyrical realms of the ecstatic, find ourselves expanded and liberated in the joyous release of pure lyrical.

'We are not in our bodies, our bodies are inside of us.’ Gabrielle Roth


"Movement practice gets all your creative juices flowing. It doesn't just release your body, but it opens up your heart and empties out your mind." Gabrielle Roth

If we can learn to engage clearly and channel our passions and impulses through the heart, then the anger and fire we feel can be put to a greater service as a creative gift.

This heartbeat level 5Rhythms workshop will explore anger, forgiveness, and connection and willassist you in finding and channeling your creative fire through dance, movement and expression of your hearts.




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