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These workshops are planned to go aheadso please do book

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Light in the Darkness

October 30th - November 1st

Full Moon workshop @ Wildways

A warm and welcoming educational

5Rhythms dance retreat

with Neil Pinnock

In this dark season it is necessary to hold the light. We will gather together to dance through the gateway of Samhain,

and hold the light as we enter into the dark half of the year and the season of winter.

Honouring the changes in these times, we will give thanks to the ancestors at this time of full moon.

We will work together in a small group to learn the skills of holding heart in challenging times.

Limited places - inquire direct to Neil

Other Workshop dates for 2020/21

December 29th - January 2nd       New Year workshop                  @Wildways

This workshop in Bristol has been cancelled

New dates and location to be confirmed

“You just have to determine to settle for nothing less than being FULLY ALIVE,

to show up, be who you are, and share your gifts.”  Gabrielle Roth



Our creativity is an innate gift, as is our passion for justice and our sense of right and wrong. Yet many of us are out of tune with our essential power and aren’t expressive of the feelings of our embodied hearts. Often sitting on a well of anger, suppressing or avoiding our passions for life, we humans can be smouldering below the surface, longing to tap into the fire of our bellies and express the truth of what really matters. If we can learn to engage clearly and channel our passions and impulses through the heart, then the anger and fire we feel can be put to a greater service as a creative gift.

This heartbeat level 5Rhythms workshop will explore anger, forgiveness, and connection and willassist you in finding and channeling your creative fire through dance, movement and expression of your hearts. I hope you can join us.

"Movement practice gets all your creative juices flowing. It doesn't just release your body, but it opens up your heart and empties out your mind." Gabrielle Roth

Embodied Heart

Dates to be confirmed

A whole day to take the dance deeper, to give mindful practice to the body and open the pathways to the heart. With guidance from Neil and both the Waves and Heartbeat* maps of the 5Rhythms, we will explore the territory of the embodied heart and begin to awaken a deeper and more loving conscious relating through the dance.

This workshop is a great way to experience Neil’s teaching and is open to anybody. It will also be a good foundation for future Heartbeat work.
*Heartbeat™ is the 2nd map of the 5Rhythms work and focuses on the emotional responses and pathways of the body.


Date and Venue to be arranged


An Expansive day of 5Rhythms dance exploring the limitations and possibilities within the dark and light of the 5Rhythms.
With teacher Neil Pinnock - All Welcome.

'We are not in our bodies, our bodies are inside of us.’ Gabrielle Roth

Following the flow of our own energy and engaging in the staccato dance we energize and then abandon ourselves through the gateway of chaos. If we are total in our task we may well be delivered into the lyrical realms of the ecstatic, find ourselves expanded and liberated in the joyous release of pure lyrical.





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