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Wave upon Waves
A journey of exploring the 5Rhythms Waves
Saturday, 16th November 10.30 to 4.30
Lady Emily Hall, Tarrington, HR1 4EX, Herefordshire

Once we begin to notice and follow the way energy moves through the cycle of the Wave, we begin to realise the intelligence inherent in the creativity of life itself. Flowing moves within then gives rise to the shapes of Staccato. Chaos breaks down form and limitation to give birth to creativity and the limitless possibilities through Lyrical. Stillness fulfills the cycle, accepts it all and empties us out to begin another wave…
In this workshop we will dance wave upon waves, explore the waves within waves and map the waves of energy that move in our own lives and dance.  Big waves, small waves, some with and some without music, some together and others alone. By discovering how we are just energy in motion unfolding into this creative moment of our lives we will uncover gifts to use both on and off the dance floor.

Supported by Miranda White,
we would love for you to join us for this day of dance. 
Bring food to share for a light lunch.
Prices from £35 by 20th October .
Booking here

Ecstatic Rhythms


November 17th, 11-5pm
A 5Rhythms workshop with Neil Pinnock.

The Iona School, 310 Sneinton Dale,

Nottingham, NG3 7DN

An invitation to drop deeper into your dance.
Supported by the 5Rhythms practice and with space to discover more of your own rhythms this is an invitation to explore who we really are: Bodies in motion, beating hearts in action, breathing embodied, feeling beings, a dance of energy moving through patterns and releasing into the mystery.
5Rhythms conscious dance is both a meditation and an art, both deeply individual and energetically enhanced in communal gatherings. Whatever your background you are welcome to join us for this day of deeper dance.

Free yourself - Dance.

Supported by Tabari Ayo and Raquel Ezcurra, we would really love for you to be there and join us. Bring food to share for a light lunch.

Prices from £35 earlybird 20th October
£42 / £45 on the door - £35 concession
 Booking here

Winter Solstice


December 20th, 3-7pm
A longer dance to honour the shortest day.

Join our warm community as we move into the darkest time of year we will celebrate with warmth, dance and togetherness.


Price will include hot drink and mince pies.

£25 earlybird by December 1st or £30 after.
Pay at class or drop a line to pay online

2020 Vision

New Year retreat @ Wildways

December 29th 2019 -

January 1st 2020

Booking Here

Prices: Booking in October £295,

£325 in November, £350 in December

Stay an extra night on 1st January for just £20

Bursary fees available

Shared communal accommodation and all workshops, fires, saunas and events are included in the price.

Food will be bring and share by the community. 

New Year invites us to listen, to watch and receive, visioning a path and embodying a new beginning for the year to come. Designed to give space and time for you to slow down, reflect and renew, we will welcome the stillness and darkness of winter into our dreaming body and attune to the gifts of the season. With quiet time out on the land, creativity in workshops and warmth in community, we will use the dynamic processes of dance, ritual and art to honour, celebrate and re-create. Neil Pinnock will be you guide offering daily 5Rhythms workshops, Ritual Theatre and acts of transformation. Supported by the community and by the team you will be nourished with plenty of laughter, time in silence, stories by the fire, hearty food and good company.  Where else would you prefer to be at this gateway to 2020?

Wildways is a special place offering a variety of natural woodlands, fields and a babbling brook. It also has a stone circle, celtic round house, sauna, large dancing yurt and a magical feel.

Neil knows the landscape of Wildways intimately through the seasons and has been working there for 16 years. His style is passionate and tender, humorous and wise. As an ongoing student of Presence and a trained Dramatherapist, he offers depth, knowledge and creative passion for helping people through old patterns into new embodied awareness. This is a gift he loves to share.

The journey begins on Sunday afternoon 29th December and ends around 4pm on Wednesday 1st January.

You are welcome to stay for an extra night for a small fee and travel home on Thursday.

As a member of 5RTA, work with Neil counts towards the

5Rhythms teacher training.


"Neil holds a sacred space perfectly balanced between the reverent and irreverent. I am totally held by Neil, by the group and the 5 Rhythms, each time a transformative magic happens. It is an incredibly safe, nourishing space that I know I will return to again and again, going that bit deeper and into new realms of magic, every time.”
Pippa - Creative Practitioner

“Neil has an alchemical way of weaving magic with a solid psychotherapeutic holding. A great teacher and facilitator.
How lucky we are he's on his path, ensuring we become more and more of ourselves, in body, in heart, in spirit. A real gift.” 

Samina Ali - Dance, Movement Psychotherapist.

The New Years workshop was sweaty, fun, challenging (in a good way), exhilarating and satisfying. Wildways takes me out of my urban comfort into woods, sun, rain, yurt and community.  Neil is entirely at home in Wildways and the sense of ease that he has here communicates to all participants and creates a container for our experience. Why would I spend New year anywhere else?
Nigel - 2017

'I've been to wildways several times on retreat with Neil, and each time have found it fun, deep, moving, and that it impacts my life in a lasting way. During one New Years retreat, struggling with childcare issues, the unconditional love and acceptance I found from the group, quite blew me away. It was an experience I don't often feel, and to have that, during a dance, and therefore taking it into my body as well, affected me, and moved me for months afterwards. Neil has an ability to hold a group of people in both tenderness and therapeutic skill and experience. And yet somehow manages to bring lightness and joy to it all - awesome stuff. 

Heather - 2019

Workshop dates for 2020


February 1st                                Trust - A Heartbeat workshop             @Bristol

February 8th & 9th (TBC)         Ritual of Dreams                            @Wildways

March 20th - 22nd                    Polarities The dance of Balance                           @Wildways

May 9th                                               Creative Heart- A Heartbeat workshop         @Bristol

May Thus21st - Mon 25th               Heart Dance 5Day Heartbeat                              @Wildways

July 3rd - 5th                             High Summer weekend event                      @Wildways

August Sat22nd - Sat29th            Summer workshop                                     @Greece

October 23rd - 25th                   Samhain weekend                                      @Wildways




Terms and conditions

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Longer workshops require filling out a booking form where terms and agreements are posted.

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop at any time.

Under these circumstances a full refund of any fees paid will be reimbursed.

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