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Summer Solstice Weekend 21st - 23rd June

 Residential workshop @Wildways

 £222 price till June 16th (£250 after)

includes workshop fee and basic accommodation or camping

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5Rhythms brings us together as a community of dancers to celebrating this midsummer. Being close to the land offers us a natural way to recharge and honour the great cycles of the year at this summer solstice.

Dancing, wild swimming, body painting, sharing food and creating rituals of renewal on this private woodland site.

Roots & Wings

Life Arising


Sunday 21st July

Day workshop 11.00 -5.30 pm

With Neil Pinnock


"From earth to air do all things grow." 

This day will offer support to your dance from the ground up. When we are rooted in the earth and fluid in our bodies then the flow of life can move through us, accessing our vitality and life force. With movement comes engagement, growth and expansion so that the energetic bodies of spirit and flesh dance now together, filling us with creativity and a lightness of being that comes easily. On this workshop we will explore the waves of the 5Rhythms with our attention specially on flowing and lyrical. We will discover that when we are centered, balanced and open, life dances through us effortless and we experience the lightness of our being.

Firefly a tree with roots rooted in the ground in a forest clearing, merged with a person

The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane,

Liverpool, L17 8UU

£55 till June 30th / £65 after

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Earth,Sea & Sky

August 21st-28th 2024

Summer Waves, invites you to immerse yourself in the Earth, Sea & Sky of this beautiful Greek landscape on the Pelion Peninsular. Renowned as the place where the Greek Gods would take their summer holidays, it is truly a magnificent and relaxing location for a 5Rhythms vacation. Our home will be the holistic community of Anilio on the chestnut forested mountainside overlooking the Aegean Sea. Here we will dance, share laughter, eat amazing local food, swim, explore the locality and participate in community. This will be a nurturing and transformative week of 5Rhythms dance, beach holiday, Greek life and community experience. All are welcome no matter what your 5Rhythms or dance background.

For more info click here.

Bookings open - prices from €625

earth_sea_sky_A5_front_layered_2024 copy.jpg

Other Workshop offerings for 2024

HOLY SMOKE - Samhain Weekend @Wildways

October 25th - 27th

Bristol day workshop- Saturday November 23rd

Liverpool day workshop - Sunday December 1st

Earth Heart New Year Retreat

December 29th 2024 - Jan 3rd 2025




Terms and conditions

By booking you agree to the terms and conditions.


Payment in advance for a class or day workshop is non-refundable.

Longer workshops require filling out a booking form where terms and agreements are posted.

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop at any time.

Under these circumstances a full refund of any fees paid will be reimbursed.

Any other expenses such as travel can not be claimed for.


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