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Sweat Your Prayers™ & 5Rhythms Sweats

Sweat Your Prayers™ is a dance gathering where we bring our individual 5Rhythms practice and move through the rhythms with intention and in community.  Led by 5Rhythms teachers, the intention of this class is to have relatively little formal instruction, relying on the individual to create and support their own dance together in the community. 

5Rhythms Sweats are a similar practice which are held by 5Rhythms Space Holders.

Space Holders are licensed by 5Rhythms Global to hold Sweats. They are supported by a teacher mentor and are on the pathway to becoming qualified teachers. Neil is mentor for Space Holders Miranda White and Katharina Stubbs as well as having mentored other trainee on the 5Rhythms teaching path.


Miranda White

Rhythms is the place where I feel safe to be myself, where I feel understood and loved for who I am. Moving without words creates real communication from the heart and I value that so much. As a child I found it easier to communicated with animals than people. I danced and rode horses as a teen, found peace in movement and nature.  In my 20s and 30s, I loved the acceptance and fellowship of the rave dance-floor, where I could dance my heart out and be received. Now in my 50s I dance in the woods and fields, with my horses and dogs, and with my two daughters. Yoga, which I have been teaching for 15 years, supports my 5Rhythms practice and has given me a bedrock from which to rise to the opportunity of becoming a 5Rhythms teacher one day.

Find Miranda here


Katharina Stubbs

I discovered 5 rhythms 5 years ago. I'd never engaged with anything like this before and was deeply moved by my experience. Since then it's been an interesting journey, mostly at my local class with teacher Neil Pinnock. I've encountered a wide spectrum of emotions - joy, vulnerability, deep connection, inadequacy and elation to name a few.

I decided to take the first step on the teaching path as I felt compelled to share the healing qualities of the work. In March 2018 I attended the 5 Rhythms Spaceholder orientation in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now I am holding space in Lichfield, Staffordshire. I am not yet a teacher but I'm working towards that goal.
Find Nina's 5Rhythms Sweats here.

Neil Pinnock 5Rhythms Dance

Neil Pinnock

I've been teaching 5Rhtyhms since 2007and I'm still so in love with this body of work.

The dynamism of the dance, the healing it brings, the connection of community and the deep wisdom embedded in its philosophy. All of these things support my life as a human being, nurture my place in the world, give me understanding of the cycles and patterns in the mystery of it all and hope in our human endeavor in these times.

As a mentor and guide to Nina and Miranda I feel the enhancement of my understanding of the 5Rhythms, the support that comes with giving and receiving and a growing strength within our tribe here in the West Midland.

Find out more about our offerings here - 5rhythmswestmidlands

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