Weekly classes

Tuesday Night @ 7.15 - 9.00pm

Virtual connection

Monday Wake & Shake  @ 10am - 11.30

begins again October 5th

All welcome

 On-line Dance Experiences....
If you haven't yet tried the online dance experience, you may well get more from it than you think. Here are what others have said about my live online classes on Zoom.

"I really enjoyed the online class, it set me up for the rest of the day and week as I felt really grounded, centered and full of love and gratitude.  The teaching was inspiring and it was lovely to receive it from a beautiful garden as I was inside.  I felt really connected to the group and it was a gift to see young children dancing so freely with their emotions" xlucy    

Y"es I can dance on my own, and I do, but it doesn't last long, certainly not an hour, more like 10 minutes!  It helps, these 'mini dances' at home but the joining others online are super supportive.  I live on my own, and really value the brief check in before and after, moving with each other, with people I know and don't know, reminding me of the dance community I belong to....  Oh yeah, and I feel noticeably different the next day!"- Nicola

"The day before had been a really difficult challenging day I am aware of my inner child so I knew I needed to play I have always wanted to dance in rain so I did bare foot in the mud connecting with nature which again is so much a part of me. So the playfulness led to release which led to connection which led to more playfulness which Ied to almost total abandonment and joy and pleasure of the rain on my skin. All of this was facilitated and enhanced by the music the beat and your direction "- K


Live on-line

Broadcast dance classes on Zoom

All sessions will be live webcast on Zoom

Please register in advance by clicking the link for each class

Classes are standard £10 fee
with a sliding scale between £5 - £15
If you would like to join send payment by
Bank Transfer
Sort: 40-07-33 Account: 12032104
(use  ‘onlineMon’ / ‘onlineTues’ /‘onlineFri’ as ref),
or Paypal me - pinnock.neil@gmail.com
You will then need to click one of the above links to register for the session.
Once both steps are complete you will be sent a link to join the class.

Quick guide to joining us on Zoom

It's not too tricky to join but there is a bit of a procedure.
Please make sure you register and pay in time to be sent a code for class login! Leaving things till last minute can result in missing out.


1. Click the class you want to join (on the left)
2. Register for that class with Zoom.
3. Pay (if you have class credits you can skip this step).
4. Receive a login code by email.
5. Make sure you know how zoom works.
6. Push back your furniture, check sound and get ready...
7. You can login 10 mins before the class starts but no longer than 15 mins after.
9. Feel much better.

Sound will be better if plugged into a external speaker, headphones or home HiFi.

Until further notice

No real life meetings currently scheduled because of Covid-19 restrictions

Weekly Tuesday Class 7.30 - 9.45pm

Church of The Ascension Church Hall

Pineapple Grove, Stirchley. Birmingham. B30 2TJ

Price £15 / £12 / £10

Great Malvern 5Rhythms

Friday Nights 7.30 - 9.45pm 

The Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road, Malvern WR14 3DA

Price £15 / £12 / £10

Wild Heart Dance with Neil Pinnock, UK.

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