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5Rhythms Teachers Association


Neil is affiliated to 5RG and is a member of the 5RTA.

Any workshops that are attended by students therefore count towards pre-requisite hours for future teacher trainings with 5RG.

Neil also upholds and supports the 5RTA code of conduct.

See 5RG website for more details - 5Rhythms.com

Jonathan Horan & Gabrielle Roth


Gabrielle Roth founded and developed the 5Rhythms practice throughout her working life. She created music, wrote books and trained hundreds of teachers of the world wide practice until her death in 2012. After she passed there was a period of transition in the 5Rhythms world as Gabrielles son Jonathon Horan took the helm of 5Rhythms Global and developed the path to take the work forwards. Today the work continues to grow worldwide with a whole plethora of offerings through the maps that Gabrielle created, the workshops and trainings that Jonathan offers and the classes and workshops of hundreds of teachers make across the globe.

Wild Heart Dance with Neil Pinnock, UK.

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