Waves of Music


For home practice & for the joy of Dance

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The music used in 5Rhythms classes is varied and wide ranging. Whilst dancing a 'Wave' there is generally a build up of energy from flowing, through staccato to peak in chaos. Lyrical may maintain a plateau of aliveness before stillness returns the dancer to a more integrated, silent and internal state of being.


Personally I tend to mix music 'live' throughout the class, this enables me to work with what is actually happening in the room and with the energy of the group. Sometimes I mix music together into waves. I have begun to offer them for dancers who wish to practice the 5Rhythms at home. A few of my favorite waves are offered for you here.


There is a whole range of amazing musicians featured and I encourage you to use them for home practice. Dive in.

Endless gratitude to all those amazing musicians out there - thank you x

Mix Cloud makes contributions to the musicians for the music.

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