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Neil Pinnock 5Rhythms

"What I love about Neil, is that he is total in his dance"


Gabrielle Roth

Neil Pinnock 5Rhythms Dance

“Neil has passion, and energy, and a sense of humour. He stirs up whirlwinds, and then drops through surprising doors into tenderness and vulnerability.”

Andrew Holmes,
5Rhythms Teacher

Neil has been dancing a lifetime.

After studying many years of embodied practice with Tai Chi and yoga, Neil had an ecstatic awaking to the pure delight of dance in India in 1999. By 2001 he  had discovered the 5Rhythms and knew instantly that he had found his home and his practice. Neil trained with Gabrielle Roth, Ya'Acov and Susanna Darling Khan and many other teachers, graduating in 5Rhythms in 2008. He went on to completed the Heartbeat™ level work in 2018 with Jonathon Horan.

Based in the UK, Neil teaches regular classes in Birmingham, Great Malvern and the West Midlands. He facilitates 5Rhythms dance workshops at Wild Ways in Shropshire and covers classes around the UK. Internationally Neil has taught in New Zealand, Holland, Thailand, Prague, and Burning Man Festival USA. He plans to take 5Rhythms with him wherever he goes.

Neil is a 5Rhythms mentor for newly qualified students and he is currently guiding two 5Rhythms Space Holders along the path as they train to become 5Rhythms teachers. As a member of the 5RTA any hours danced with Neil count as pre-requisites for 5Rhythms™ teacher training.

Neil is also a qualified dramatherapist, photographer, street performer and part time dragon handler. He works with people of all ages and finds the way of bringing out the best in everybody through his humour, depth and dynamism. He loves to travel and rides a motorbike. Equally he loves to sit and meditate. 5Rhythms allows Neil to explore the balance between activity and stillness, playful inspiration and compassionate support. He is happy both in the beat of the city and the calm of the countryside.  His music and teaching style reflect the diversity and passion that he has for people and living a fulfilled life.


Karen - Poet and dancer

Vanessa, embodiment teacher and artist


Creative Practitioner


Creative Practitioner

"Unlike any other practitioner I know, Neil holds a sacred space perfectly balanced between the reverent and irreverent. I rarely laugh as much or feel as deeply connected to a well of Joy as when I dance at Wildways. And I also know that I am totally held by Neil, by the group and the 5 Rhythms, to go deep into the painful, challenging places. Each time a transformative magic happens across the retreat. It is an incredibly safe, nourishing space that I know I will return to again and again. Going that bit deeper and into new realms of magic, every time."

Pippa 2018

Creative Practitioner

"The group bonded in a way I have not experienced through the dance before, becoming so close that I felt at one with each person and with the Spirit that connects us all to each other and the universe.  Neil’s ability to choose appropriate music and shape the group by his gentle, flexible, sensitive and responsive teaching was instrumental in bringing the group to a place of wholeness.  It was a rare and special space, expertly held and nurtured by an amazing teacher.  Many thanks Neil."

Gill 2018

Quaker Ministry Coordinator

I dance at Neil's Malvern class every Friday night. It's the friendliest 5R class I've ever been to. Neil has a great gift for reaching everyone so that experienced dancers and newcomers both get so much out of the practice. He teaches with intelligence, insight, humour and compassion. I appreciate his skill in being able to take us from light-hearted & playful to deep & serious, and everywhere in between at a moment's notice. I feel really safe in his classes and able to explore challenging territory under his guidance.

Fran 2018

Traveler & Dancer



"Wow. Just wow. The workshop I attended with Neil was my first REAL taste of 5 Rhythms & goodness, gracious me, I am sold. The way Neil embodied authentic leadership and graceful powerful space-holding was just beautiful to witness. The space that was held for us - ALL of us - was VAST. Neil led us gently and powerfully on a beautiful journey into ourselves, into our fear, our strength, our courage, our hearts - and I know for me personally, I came out with a renewed sense of clarity, peace, power and wisdom... my body knows the way... if only I would follow its gentle heartbeat to that place of deep knowing within myself... to move from that place, speak from that place, give expression to it all... then I would be free. & I will be. I am."
Dawn, Bristol  2020

"Neil's wonderful enthusiasm and passion is infectious and does so much to inspire the success of the retreat. He's always looking for ways of adjusting and improving the experience for us all and the care he shows for his craft is fantastic."
P. Woodford, Greece 2019

"I have worked with Neil at Wildways for many years and keep going back! Wildways is a beautiful venue, where I feel relaxed and close to the land. I have experienced it in all seasons and each one brings something different, always nurturing the soul.  There is something very special about dancing in the yurt, where Neil holds the space beautifully. Whilst responding with sensitivity to the whole group he is also attuned to the needs of the individuals within it. I feel very safe dancing with Neil!I love the way he uses his expertise as a drama therapist to enhance the work - no workshop is ever the same!
I often find the workshops challenging as well as being lots of fun, and I can say with all sincerity that Neil has played a significant part in my personal growth over the years.”

Lesely, Wildways 2018

"Neil has an alchemical way of weaving magic with a solid psychotherapeutic holding. A great teacher, facilitator, and friend.  Cheeky, talkative and insightfully pure.  How lucky we are he's on his path ensuring we have a vortex to visit and entwine and unfold...becoming more and more of ourselves ...true, in body,  in space, in spirit. A real gift"

Samina, New Year 2019

Dance Movement Therapist

"The venue of wild ways is perfect for a quiet nature inspired retreat. It has diverse and magical areas, isolated but not too remote, comfortable in a natural Eco way.
My experience of Neil was a journey facilitated and managed gently through dance music, conversation in one to one and group

sessions creating a poignant and

memorable experience.
Neil  has a gentle creative manner

that inspires freedom with social acceptance.
Emotionally I felt supported, physically stretched and safe, my soul felt the benefits for a long time after.

Jo, Wildways 2016

I had a truly wonderful experience once which will stay with me. It was more than I could have hoped for in a dance retreat.

Everything felt like it flowed the group became closer and closer over time and I was able to let go to a level I have never done before."
R. Moore, Greece 2019

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