Embodied Wisdom
Personalised embodied
1:1coaching sessions

Available on Zoom or in real life

Sometimes we just need some support. Life can churned us up and our mind, emotions or physical self become out of balance or 'de-harmonised'. Signs of this manifest as stress, confusion, physical and emotional upset or pain. During these times, having a caring person with the right support and insights can be of great help. Offered through the lens and wisdom of the body and the 5Rhythms maps, Neil can help to guide you back to more equilibrium and well being in your life.
As both a qualified 5Rhythms teacher and Dramatherapist, Neil offers work of a more personal and tailored nature to support you directly. 1:1 sessions use embodied, creative and therapeutic approaches tailored directly to your needs. They are available by request and arranged individually.  Please make contact if you wish to arrange some self care and nurturing space for yourself. All sessions are confidential and can be arranged on-line or in person.

Clients own words about
1:1 sessions with Neil

"I just wanted to let you know that even with these few sessions I feel such a difference within the dance and in my day to day life. They've had a huge impact on me. I can't tell you how nice it is to feel a bit of joy come back in to my life, it's really coming from within."
Louise 2021

"My sessions (in real life) with Neil have been deep, healing, insightful and at times magical. Neil always works with great care, sensitivity, intuition and creativity in using a wide range of skills and methods to welcome and allow whatever needs to be explored to come to the surface, be seen and processed. I felt safe and held throughout and each session felt fresh and spontaneously grew out of the needs of each moment, whether I needed to talk, dance, move, cry, draw, sculpt or map Neil had the tools to adapt to what felt right. I'd highly recommend for those who are seeking support beyond just one to one speaking."

Personal client 2019

"So grateful to be able to spend 1-1 time with Neil going deeper into the 5 rhythms.  The deeper you go the more magical it becomes. Neil brings a light hearted approach that is undoubtedly infectious.  Pure joy to dance the 5 rhythms with him.  I can definitely recommend 1-1 sessions with Neil."

Liz 2021

"Thank you Neil for the 1-1 session on-line. You really enabled me to drop into a deeper state of questioning.Guiding me through the 5Rhythms practice helped me come to my own realisations which you handled with great care and sensitivity.  Having music and a mini wave personalised to what I really needed in that moment  was a great experience. I came away feeling much lighter, happier and more connected to self after just 45 mins."

Rachel 2021