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Winter Solstice Dance

December 20th, 3-7pm
A longer dance to honour the shortest day.

Join our warm community as we move into the darkest time of year we will celebrate with warmth, dance and togetherness.


Price will include hot drink and mince pies.

£30 advanced only Book here

Winter Waves - Hull

Friday, 27 December 2019


Dance off those extra puddings and pies!
Celebrate the turning of the year.

The Academy St Mary,
Cranbrook Avenue Hull HU6 7TN
Prices £10 / £12 / £15 on the door

2020 Vision

New Year retreat @ Wildways

December 29th 2019 -

January 1st 2020

Price:£350 - Only one place remains

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that if you turn off your head, your feet will take you where you need to go.” Gabrielle Roth



Prices: £42 before January 11th, £48 after, £55 on the door.

Book here


Exploring Fear and Courage

A 5Rhythms Heartbeat* workshop - Bristol

February 1st, 11am - 6pm
DMAC UK Studio 2, Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY Bristol

As we connect our feet, move the body and feel our heart we build relationship and develop more trust in ourselves. Trust in our feelings, trust in our embodied, intuitive guidance system, trust in our choices. Fear can be debilitating. Fear can close down the heart, freeze the feet and block the path to our true destiny. As we learn to trust ourselves, find the courage to feel our fear and stay open and moving then it becomes easier to have choices, to follow the path with heart. In this workshop we will use the 5Rhythms movement maps to develop a deeper trust in our feeling body and intuitive wisdom. We will explore movement patterns around fear and courage and develop pathways so we can take them both as allies, trusting them to be an integral part of the intelligent design of our whole human being. Take heart, feel your fear and have the courage to join us, you will have no regret.

*Heartbeat™ is the 2nd map of the 5Rhythms and focuses on the emotions.

It is useful to have some experience in 5Rhythms to attend this workshop

Theatre of Dreams

Archetypes and creative play

February 8th & 9th @Wildways

Employing 5Rhythms dance, creative play, costume and character this is a workshop experience to stretch your range and imagination. Neil will guide you skillfully in the Theatre of Dreams to take you towards new possibilities and sacred meetings, bringing self awareness, compassion and understanding to the roles we play in the theatre of our lives.

Saturday noon - Sunday noon with overnight @Wildways

We will share food and light saunas.

Price £75 before Jan 21st, £85 after - book here

Re-Wilding the Heart

A 5Day 5Rhythms Heartbeat immersive workshop.
May 21st - 25th @Wildways Retreat Centre, Shropshire

Prices; £395 before end of February,

£425 till April 10th and £450 after.
There may be some bursary assistance - Prices include booking fees, all workshops, facilities and shared dormitory accommodation or camping. Food will be bring and share.

The heart is designed to feel, to love, to express, yet so often we have held back our hearts, built up protective armour, abandoned them or simply forgotten to listen and include them. Without a clear heart connection we can feel lost to ourselves, distant from loved ones & closed down to the world of nature, magic and wonder around us. Our task is to re-connect to our feelings, build a healthy functioning relationship to our emotions so that we can truly appreciate and engage with the world in which we live. It is time for us to step in and empower our hearts, connect with love and claim our place in the natural order of things. It is time to Re-wild the Heart.

This workshop will be held at Wildways, a natural retreat centre in Shropshire with direct connection to the elements. Here we will dance in a yurt and out on the land, honouring the wild nature that runs through all things as we commune with earth, wind, water and fire.

Neil Pinnock will be your guide, he is passionate and tender, humorous and wise. He has a Druids heart, a deep connection to this land and he skilfully weaves ancient and contemporary wisdom with equal regard. He offers this work to guide you into a direct relationship with your Embodied Heart, supporting you to open and feel, acknowledge and be real. In the disorderly realm of the emotions it is of great benefit to have maps, tools and guides as support, helping to uncover and create new pathways through the wilderness back to your heartfelt, loving self.

As a member of 5RTA, work with Neil counts towards the

5Rhythms teacher training and this workshop counts as a 5day Heartbeat.

Other Workshop dates for 2020

February 29th                           Soft Heart of Sorrow                 @Birmingham

March date TBC                         Day workshop                            @Nottingham

March 20th - 22nd                    Polarities The dance of Balance                           @Wildways

April date TBC                           Day workshop                               @Tarrington

May 9th                                               Creative Heart- A Heartbeat workshop         @Bristol

July 3rd - 5th                             High Summer weekend event                      @Wildways

August Sat22nd - Sat29th            Summer Waves, Earth, Sea & Sky. 5days waves @Greece

October 23rd - 25th                   Samhain weekend                                      @Wildways




Terms and conditions

By booking you agree to the terms and conditions.


Payment in advance for a class or day workshop is non-refundable.

Longer workshops require filling out a booking form where terms and agreements are posted.

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop at any time.

Under these circumstances a full refund of any fees paid will be reimbursed.

Any other expenses such as travel can not be claimed for.