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Dreams of the Dark Raven Woman

Tonight I sit down to write. It is the evening anniversary of the death of Gabrielle 6 years ago. Ive just lit a candle in remembrance and I’m recalling how her work has supported me, how the 5Rhythms path has guided me and now, as a teacher, how I bring the essence of this dancing path to my tribe. I’m going to relate two dreams that I had with Gabrielle in them. Both where vivid in the moment of dreaming them and felt so real, even upon waking they lingered and guided me for many months. Now still, in the years that have passed, I can touch them like talismans of power to awaken my purpose and connect with the lineage that Gabrielle bestowed upon me.

I share them here for you in her honour Neil x

1. around a year after Gabrielle died.

I’m on a dance floor, at a party. I’m dancing in the flashing lights and smoke machine haze and I get the sense that other people are dancing too. Silhouettes undulate in the coloured glow and as the smoke billows around I feel somebody approaching through the mist. Their body is close to mine and we are dancing together, moving in synchronisation and a building energy field which as both vibrant and building. I’m surprised when the unmistakable features of Gabrielle awaken me to her presence. “Gabrielle, It’s you” I exclaim as she looks deep inside my soul. We continue to gyrate and the energy builds in our connection and dance when suddenly she turns into pure light and in a flash dives into my body. There on the inside of me, her light expands and I dance into more and more of a frenzy as the intensity of her presence increases and expands, my skin begins to crack and open as the fire light inside me breaks me free and my body shatters and explodes into thousands of fragments and I become one with the radiant light that remains pulsating where my body used to be. As I wake up from this dream I know profoundly that Gabrielle lives inside of me and that I’m here to do her work. I’m given a new charge in my teaching and a renewed confidence and belief in the work.

The image that comes to mind is from the film the Matrix, at the end when Neo fights with agent Smith, he enters his body and breaks him open.

2. October 2016 - during a Mirrors workshop with Johnny in Berlin

I’m in a house, standing in a room in front of Gabrielle. I say to her “ I have never died before”. She smiles at me softly with infinite compassion, simply she slides a small black hand gun from her side and shoots me in the temple. Now I’m floating horizontally before her, she takes hold of my head and rolls my whole body around laterally. I float upwards and I’m looking at her from a distance, and though we are still in the house there are no longer any walls and the space is becoming filled with stars as the building dissolves. She looks up at me and I’m filled with a feeling of immense love and serenity. Before I wake up I dream that I’m remembering the first dream that I had about Gabrielle and that I want to tell everybody about it. I go outside and stand on a wall on top of a grass bank and there are many dancers there to whom I relate the story of my dream and the message of the woman we knew as Gabrielle.

With love and deep gratitude for this dancing path, for this path with heart. XxX

22nd October 2018

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